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History of BSW

Beautiful Spirited Women was founded in Memphis, TN by CEO Crystal M. Clark. Coming from a family of eight, four girls and four boys, Crystal was the last born. This young woman was raised by a resilient, smart, and stunning woman by the name of Bobbie J. Johnson, who has dedicated her life also to leaving a legacy. In an effort to be a reflection of her mother, who has been described as having a giving spirit and the heart of a philanthropist, Beautiful Spirited Women was born. BSW was giving to the vision of Crystal M. Clark by God, on November 10, 2010, were she began gathering her sisters Delbera,Ursula, and Nicole who are the Founders of BSW and every woman she know together with the collective mind set of empowering one another as well as teenage girls. Motivated to be like their mother, her daughters was called to action all strong, uplifting, positive, and productive women all over the world. This organization has grown over a few years, with the Newly Directed Director of Presidents Lakeisha Gomes, because they also have chapters in Nashville, TN- Mississippi, Florida, Atlanta, Jackson, and Chicago and still growing. True to their name, they are a sisterhood and just like family they have promised to weather the storms together. BSW recognizes that they are fighting a battle daily to save the community and the children. This unique group is changing the world one day at a time. The morals and values she planted in her daughters are in full harvest and the result is a beautiful garden. Their flowers are in full bloom and to witness this group growth is nothing short of amazing. The purpose of Beautiful Spirited Women is to uplift the young teens with love, respect, and professionalism from women that have been exactly where they are. Their vision is to motivate them and knowing who they are, where they are going in life and who they will become. Crystal is a graduate of Lane College, Jackson, TN with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, she also is a graduate of University of Phoenix, Cordova, TN with a Masters of Business Administration! She has a heart to change the world for these children. With the assistance from the Beautiful Women she has come in contact with, they will succeed!

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